Study Differences Between Replica Cartier W6920046 And W69012Z4 Exquisite Watches

Representative in the Cartier watches, the Ballon Bleu De Cartier watches are widely sold, correspondingly, the classic copy Ballon Bleu De Cartier watches sales are hot online. Similar in the appearance, the knock-off Cartier W6920046 and W69012Z4 watches are welcome, but what’s the difference? You can know it in the following part.

Obviously, the Cartier W6920046 duplication watches are featured with 36.6mm in diameter, which the cheap fake Cartier W69012Z4 watches are larger with 42.1mm in diameter. In addition, the blue hands Cartier replica watches of W69012Z4 online forever add the date display.

Fake Cartier W6920046 36.6MM Watches

42.1MM Cartier W69012Z4 Copy Watches

Differently, the Cartier W69012Z4 adopts three-piece structure, while the Cartier W6920046 use two-piece structure, including cases and backs.

For the authentic watches, the excellent Swiss self-winding movements are installed, while the Swiss fake watches with silver dials introduce other mechanical or quartz movements to replace, so they can be affordable for most people.

If you like the general looks of the real watches, but don’t care much about the original movements, you can select the delicate imitation Cartier watches.

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